SpriteAnimation QML Type

An animation representing a state of a Sprite More...

Import Statement: import Bacon2D 1.0


Detailed Description

Property Documentation

duration : int

Duration in milliseconds of all frames in the animation per loop.

frame : int

Current frame shown in the SpriteAnimation

frames : int

Number of frames included in the source image

horizontalMirror : bool

Shows the Sprite mirrored (flipped) horizontally

initialFrame : int

Starting frame to be shown in the SpriteAnimation

inverse : bool

Reverse the animation, showing frames from right to left

loops : int

Number of loops to run before stopping

name : string

Unique name for the Sprite state

running : bool

Current running state of the animation

source : string

QUrl for the source image

verticalMirror : bool

Shows the Sprite mirrored (flipped) vertically