Viewport QML Type

The visible portion of a larger Scene. More...

Import Statement: import Bacon2D 1.0



Detailed Description

The Viewport is the visible area of a larger Scene and can be scrolled horizontally or vertically showing different parts of the larger Scene.

Property Documentation

animationDuration : int

Viewport scrolling uses an animation, the animationDuration property sets the duration in milliseconds of that animation. You can change this duration for smooth panning of the Viewport. The default is 100ms.

xOffset : float

This property holds the horizontal offset of the Viewport's x property from the Scene's x property.

yOffset : float

This property holds the vertical offset of the Viewport's y property from the Scene's y property.

Method Documentation

hScroll(float step)

Scroll the Viewport horizontally by step

vScroll(float step)

Scroll the Viewport vertically by step